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Lilac borer larvae tunnel in the branches, causing wilting. Severely infested branches may break off. Remove and destroy infested stems. Keep plants healthy with regular waterings during dry weather and by fertilizing.

Lilac leaf miner tunnels in the leaves in early summer. After mining the leaf, the caterpillars emerge and web leaves together and skeletonize the foliage. Light infestation can be controlled be hand picking. Spray with acephate is the infestation is heavy.

Scales are most often found infesting the lower stems and often blend in with the bark. Inspect unhealthy-looking plants for scale infestations. Spray with dormant oil to control overwintering stages and to minimize injury to predators that help control the scales. Crawlers are controlled with acephate or Sevin. Identify the scale to properly time crawler sprays. The preferred method of control involves regular inspection for early detection of the infestation then spraying with dormant oil.

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