Syringa vulgaris--Common Lilac

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Syringa vulgaris--Common Lilac

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Lilac is a common flowering shrub that grows best in a sunny location. The plant grows in shade, but flowering is poor and powdery mildew is likely to be severe. Common lilac grows 20 feet tall and spreads 15 feet. The growth rate is rapid and the plant produces many suckers. The flowers are in shades of purple, white or pink. Some colors listed in catalogs refer to the unopened flower buds. Flower bud color may be different from the flower color. There are few actual color variations.

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Syringa vulgaris - double-flowered cultivar - 47K Syringa vulgaris - red-flowered cultivar - 65K
Syringa vulgaris Mont Blanc - 44K
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