Taxus cuspidata--Japanese Yew

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Taxus cuspidata--Japanese Yew

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Japanese yew grows in sun or shade and prefers a moist, sandy loam. Transplanting is most successful with balled and burlapped or potted plants. The species reaches a height of 40 to 50 feet and spreads 15 to 20 feet, but most cultivars are smaller. The plant is dioecious, so the red fruits, are produced only by female plants. Female plants have pointed or conical flower buds and male plants have rounded flower buds. Select mostly female plants to get the fruits, but interplant a few males to ensure pollination. Japanese yew dies back in very acid or poorly drained soil.

Cultivars include: 'aurescens'--dwarf, 1 foot tall, spreading to 3 feet, young shoots yellowish; 'densa'--low, about 4 feet tall, spreads to 8 feet, good fruit production; 'expansa' -- vase shaped, open center, twice as tall as wide 'nana'--a dwarf with good fruiting; 'thayerae'--spreading with almost horizontal branching.

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