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Black vine weevil larvae feed on roots, resulting in needles yellowing. Severe infestations kill the plant. The adults feed at night, notching the needles. Check needles near the center of the plant for notching. Use sprays of acephate. Strawberry root weevil is similar in its habits.

Taxus mealybug is 3/8 inch long and covered with a white, waxy coating. The insect sucks plant juices and prefers dense plants. Heavily infested plants have few needles. Spray with acephate or malathion. Dormant oil also control this insect and is the preferred control.

Fletcher scale is a brown, hemispherical scale that is common on Taxus. Severe scale infestations cause needle drop. Dormant oil controls overwintering stages of this and other scales. Crawlers are controlled with acephate or Sevin. The preferred method of control involves regular inspection for early detection of the infestation then spraying with dormant oil.

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Black vine weevil on taxus, all life stages - 20K Black vine weevil larvae - 54K
Black vine weevil adult - 69K Taxus mealybug - 42K
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