Taxus media--Anglojap Yew

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Taxus media--Anglojap Yew

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Anglojap yew cultivars are some of the most common shrubs in home landscapes. The heights and spreads vary with the cultivar grown. Only the females have ornamental red fruits. Examine the flower buds to purchase mostly female plants.

Cultivars include: 'Amherst'--dense, slow grower, male; 'Berryhill'--slow grower, female; 'browni'--male, rounded habit, dense; 'hatfieldi'--male, dense, pyramidal, can grow 12 feet tall; 'hicksii'--upright, female; 'kelseyii'-- female, early fruiting; 'sentenalis'--narrow habit; 'Stoveken'--male, columnar; 'Vermeulen'--slow grower, rounded, female; 'Ward'--wide and flat, female, dense.

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Visual title - Visual size Visual title - Visual size
Taxus x media densiformis - 59K Taxus x media hatfieldi - 33K
Taxus x media hicksii - 39K Taxus x media kelseyii - 34K
Taxus media Brownhelm - 45K Taxus media Ohio Globe - 38K
Taxus media Royal Emerald - 44K Taxus media fastigiata - 38K
Taxus media lutea - 62K
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