3 Key Lawn Care Tips

Karin Mangan

A lush, green lawn is an attractive feature of any garden or yard. But it isn't always easy to achieve or maintain. Some careful research, guided by the following tips, can help you keep your lawn looking good all year round.

  1. Do the right thing at the right time. Follow an appropriate lawn care calendar for the type of climate you have. For example, don't cut the grass too early in the season--wait until it is dry--and don't cut the grass too short at the end of summer if you are unlikely to see much more warm or dry weather.
  2. Get the right tools and machinery. Appropriate tools and a good quality lawn mower with sharp, adjustable blades are essential and can make your lawn care a whole lot easier and more effective. Other useful tools include a wire rake, a garden fork, an edge trimmer, and an electrical scarifier of you have a large lawn.
  3. Choose the right grass type. If your lawn is used a lot, for example by the kids or the dog, you need a hardwearing mix of grasses. For an ornamental lawn, you can choose finer grasses. Again, your choice of a grass type should also be determined by the climate in your part of the U.S and how much sun and shade the lawn gets.

Perhaps the most important tip is to keep up with your lawn maintenance. If you let it turn into lawn repair, you are making more work for yourself than you would if you put in the time to keep the lawn in good condition.



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