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Arborvitae leaf miner mines out the leaf tips, causing them to turn brown. Translucent areas are seen where the miner has been active. Spray with acephate.

Scales of several types infest the stems and foliage. Sprays of dormant oil control overwintering stages. Crawlers are controlled with sprays of acephate or Sevin. The preferred method of control involves regular inspection for early detection of the infestation then spraying with dormant oil.

Mites cause yellowing and speckling of the foliage. The mites are seldom noticed because they are so small. No chemical controls are listed.

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Arborvitae leaf miner - 43K Arborvitae leafminer damage - 48K
Arborvitae leafminer damage larva - 46K Arborvitae leafminer, damaged shoot - 38K
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