Thuja occidentalis--White Cedar, American Arborvitae

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Thuja occidentalis--White Cedar, American Arborvitae

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The white cedar is native in swampy areas in northern Michigan. The tree grow 60 feet tall and spreads 4 to 10 feet. This slow growing tree prefers a moist, rich soil. Transplanting is moderately easy if plants are root pruned and either balled and burlapped or potted. White cedar likes high humidity and tolerates wet soils. The foliage turns brownish in winter, especially on cultivars with colored foliage.

White cedar has given rise to many cultivars, many of which are shrubs. Cultivars include: 'Booth Globe'--low, rounded with a flat top; 'compacta'--dense and compact; 'compacta erecta'--semi-dwarf, pyramidal; 'douglasi pyramidalis'--dense, columnar; 'ericoides'--dwarf, brownish foliage in winter; 'fastigiata'--narrow, columnar; 'globosa'--dense, rounded; 'Hetz Junior'--dwarf, wider than it is tall; 'Hetz Midget'--slow grower, quite dwarf, rounded; 'Hovey'--low and rounded; 'Little Champion'-- globe shaped; 'lutea'--yellow foliage; 'pumila'(Little Gem)--rounded, dwarf; 'rosenthalli'--dense, pyramidal; 'umbraculifera'--flat topped; 'wareana'--low and dense, pyramidal; 'woodwardii'--rounded and spreading.

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Thuja occidentalis - 58K Thuja occidentalis Hetz Midget - 61K
Thuja occidentalis Nigra - 77K
Thuja occidentalis Olendorf - 58K Thuja occidentalis Rheingold - 35K
Thuja occidentalis Sherwood Moss - 57K Thuja occidentalis filiformis - 62K
Thuja occidentalis pendula - 58K Thuja occidentalis pumila Sudworth - 54K
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