Thuja orientalis--Oriental Arborvitae

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Thuja orientalis--Oriental Arborvitae

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Oriental arborvitae is less hardy than American arborvitae, but it grows rapidly and transplants well balled and burlapped. The species grows 18 to 25 feet tall and spreads 10 to 12 feet. It tolerates pruning and can be used as a hedge plant. The plant tolerates most soils if they are dry. Shrublike cultivars are: 'Baker'--light green foliage, said to tolerate hot, dry, sites; 'Bonita'--cone shaped, 3 feet tall, leaves with yellow tips; 'globosa'-- globe-shaped dwarf; 'juniperoides'-3 feet tall, juvenile foliage needle like, purplish foliage in fall; 'meldensis'-- 3 feet tall, narrow, purplish in fall.

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