Tilia cordata--Littleleaf Linden

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Tilia cordata--Littleleaf Linden

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Littleleaf linden grows 100 feet tall and can spread 40 to 50 feet. The tree grows in sun or partial shade and transplants well. This tree has a slower growth rate than other lindens but has a dense crown and casts good shade. Littleleaf linden is the last of the lindens to flower. The fragrant flowers are small and are borne in July.

There are several cultivars: 'Chancellor'--upright when young but becoming pyramidal, fast growth; 'Glenleven'- -fast growth; 'Greenspire'--straight trunk and radially produced branches; 'June Bride'--pyramidal, glossy leaves, profuse flowering; 'Pyramidalis'--widely pyramidal; 'Rancho'--upright oval growth habit.

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