Trees are a Must!

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Trees are a Must!

Good trees generally grow slowly, so they should be the first plants to be placed on the property. Trees are the basis of good design, and so their location has more influence than that of any other plant.

Trees provide shade during the summer, protection from winter winds, protection from the noise of nearby street traffic, screening from the outside and elimination of undesirable vistas, and they add a sense of security and comfort. Trees can be used to modify heat and cold, as well as to complement and develop natural beauty.

When trees are used near architectural structures, they can bridge the gap between the buildings and the ground on which they stand. Trees also can divert attention, hide unwanted views, balance sloping ground, and provide accent and a center of interest.

Probably no other natural feature can provide such a changing array of interest throughout the whole year. The lush, tender green of the early spring blends into the development of leaves and foliage to a rich, harmonizing mass of green. In the spring, flowers of certain trees have an inspiring quality and are followed by the fruit and seed production. These multiple forms of growth are truly miracles of nature.

As trees mature, other qualities become evident. The differences in branching systems become more pronounced. Texture and color in bark give year-round interest. Autumn color in some species makes worthwhile a whole year of waiting to see their glowing hues. During extended winter periods, trees stand dramatically silhouetted against sky, earth and buildings.

Trees grow slowly, so you might consider purchasing a tree that is already partly grown. Most large-growing trees should be planted at least 30 feet from the house, depending on the shape of the tree. Narrow upright or pyramidal trees can be placed much closer, while those with pronounced spreading branches may need even greater distance. Small trees should be at least l5 to 20 feet apart or more, depending upon their shape.

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