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Veronicas grow from 2 inches to 18 inches tall. They grow in full sun or light shade and in any good garden soil. The plant is susceptible to drought and some types of veronica are serious lawn weeds.

Division may be done in autumn or spring. Seeds germinate in 15 to 20 days at 70 degrees. Softwood cuttings may be taken in spring. Seed can be planted outdoors within 2 months of frost.

Veronica armena This plant grows 2 inches tall and bears bright blue flowers May to July.

Veronica chamaedrys--Germander Speedwell This veronica grows 10 inches tall and bears blue flowers in May and June.

Veronica incana--Wooly Speedwell Wooly speedwell has silvery foliage and grows best in full sun and well drained fertile soil. The plant is 6 inches tall except when spikes of purple flowers are 12 to 18 inches tall.

Veronica prostrata--Harebell Speedwell Harebell speedwell has evergreen foliage and can be used in rock gardens. It is 3 to 4 inches tall and bears dark blue flowers. The plant is invasive and can be divided anytime.

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