Verticillium Wilt

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Verticillium Wilt

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Cause: Verticillium is a soil fungus that infects the roots of a tree or shrub but does not cause a rot. The fungus grows into the water- and food-conducting tissues that feed a section of the plant. Thus, Verticillium wilt often will occur on just one half or one section of a tree, the section fed by the infected root. Plants may be infected when bought from a nursery but show no symptoms. The stress of transplanting then can cause collapse.

Control: Burn infected wood of dead plants -- do not chip and use for compost, or bury. Revitalize the root system as described under General decline and dieback.

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Root grafts - 33K Verticillium leaf wilting and death - 80K
Verticillium wilt, infected vascular tissue - 32K Verticillium wilt, tree killed by disease - 65K
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