Viburnum opulus--European Highbush Cranberry

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Viburnum opulus--European Highbush Cranberry

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European cranberrybush tolerates most light exposures and soil types. It grows rapidly, transplants easily and has a mature height and spread of 12 feet or more. The white flowers are produced in late spring and the red fruit is ornamental from late summer to early fall. The fruit is very distasteful. The plant tolerates pruning and should be thinned occasionally to renew it.

Cultivars include: 'compactum'--5 feet tall; 'nanum'-- dwarf, non-flowering; 'Notcutt'--more vigorous; 'roseum'-- no fruit; 'sterile'(Guelder Rose, Snowball)--flower heads are round, made up of the larger, sterile flowers, and often infested with aphids; 'xanthocarpum'--yellow fruits.

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