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Aphids suck plant juices and can be controlled with Diazinon dust or sprays of Sevin or rotenone.

Cutworms eat the foliage and no chemical control is listed.

Violet gall midge larva attacks the leaves at the growing point causing a gall to form. The distorted leaves are subject to wet rot. Infected plants are dwarfed and produce few blooms. Remove and destroy infested leaves. No chemical control is listed.

Greenhouse leaf tier webs the flower buds and leaves together. No chemical control is listed.

Violet sawfly larvae skeletonize the leaves and then eat them. The larva is bluish black and one-half inch long. No chemical control is listed.

Slugs will feed on the foliage but can be controlled with baits containing Mesurol or metaldehyde.

Mites cause loss of green color. Use rotenone sprays.

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