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During dry periods, it is important that trees and shrubs receive adequate water. The following list of plants may be used to prioritize trees and shrubs for watering, and is organized from most to least susceptible to drought.

Newly planted trees and shrubs have a limited root system following transplanting. Water as needed, at least once every four to five days. Mulching the soil surface around the transplants will reduce the moisture loss by evaporation.

Established indeterminate species are trees and shrubs that continue to grow throughout the growing season. Apply one to two inches of water every 10 to 14 days.

Established determinate species are trees and shrubs that make a flush of growth in the spring and then stop vegetative growth. Because they are not growing, they require and often do better with less watering. Apply enough water to keep leaves turgid; this may be one to two inches every two to three weeks.

SOURCE: Harold Davidson Spartan Ornamental Network July, 1984

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