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Evergreen foliage is killed during late winter. The sun thaws the foliage, which then refreezes rapidly when the sun is blocked or at sunset and the foliage temperature rapidly drops. Thawed foliage may lose water that can't be replaced by roots in frozen soil, so the plant dries out. The symptoms are browned foliage in the spring, especially on the south or southwest side of a planting or plant.

Prevent the problem by shading susceptible plants. Use burlap screens, discarded Christmas trees or any other simple shade source. Because injury usually occurs in late winter, you need not apply the protection until after Christmas.

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Winter injury, juniper branches used as winter protection - 38K Winter injury on mahonia - 40K
Winter injury on euonymus - 61K Winter injury on yew - 68K
Winter injury on white pine - 42K
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