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Building a Better Bike Room




In this old house renovation video, the old becomes new--and eco-friendly! Matt Grocoff, the Green Renovation Expert for Old House Web, takes you inside the home of John Beranek and Karen Park to explain just how an old house renovation can fit the needs of a modern, eco-conscious family.

The Essentials of Green Renovation

John and Karen made the important decision to use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. To make this ambition more achievable, architect Michael Klement of Architectural Resources designed a space that was perfect for all the needs of an avid bicycle enthusiast.

The bike staging area was designed to accommodate all the things John and Karen might need before they head out on two wheels. After bringing the bikes up from the basement, the next stop is the bike staging area, where custom-made cabinets offer ample space for storing helmets, shoes, water bottles, bike repair kits, and the like.

From that point, simply open the door, roll the bike out, and John and Karen are off to the races!

Old House Renovation Gets Even More Impressive

Klement didn't stop there! The space includes a small bathroom, a wide-open light shaft, plenty of storage, and even a small bicycle ramp to bring those bikes up and down with ease.

What if John and Karen don't want to bring their bikes into the house? The heavy-duty bike rack just outside the door is intended for exactly that. Designed for longevity and many possibilities, all of the elements of the bike staging area could easily become a mudroom for future owners who love to play outdoors.

Special Thanks to Doug Selby, Meadowlark Builders, and Michael Klement, Principal Architectural Resource

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