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Insulating attics is cool!



"If you purchased a home that was built before 1970, chances are that old house has no insulation in the attic or the walls.

This informative old house renovation video from Matt Grocoff, Green Renovation Expert for Old House Web and the host of Greenovation.TV, explains why insulation is so important in your green renovation project.

Insulation and Old House Renovation

When Matt Grocoff and his wife bought their old house, they discovered that the only insulation in the attic was a layer of newspaper from 1902. But that wasn't the only disappointing surprise--they soon discovered there was no insulation in the walls, either. It was time for a serious green renovation!

But they weren't the only ones dealing with the potential for skyrocketing energy bills. Grocoff points out that over 58 million homes are without any kind of insulation whatsoever.

Now it's time for the good news: Sprucing up your old house renovation with insulation in the attic and walls might qualify for a 30% tax credit on your Federal income tax return, as well as deep discounts from insulation companies. The long-term savings are even better, as insulation is the number-one home renovation project that can lower your heating and cooling costs.

Hiring a Contractor for Your Green Renovation

Many insulation projects can be done on your own with easy do-it-yourself kits, but when it comes to insulation in the walls, hiring a professional contractor could be the best move. This old house renovation video explains what Grocoff did for his house, and might help you decide how to handle your insulation issues, too."

Special Thanks to Doug Selby, Meadowlark Builders, and Michael Klement, Principal Architectural Resource

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