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Small Kitchen Design




Matt Grocoff, the Green Renovation Expert for Old House Web, presents an old house renovation video that explores a unique kitchen.

The tiny culinary space in the old house was spruced up and made more eco-friendly with the help of Doug Selby of Meadowlark Builders.

Green Renovation in an Old Kitchen

This old house renovation project went green in as many ways as possible. Here are just a few of the interesting things that made this old house renovation special:

* The cabinets were made of sustainable beech wood, which is not only good for the environment, but lends an airy, light look to the room. The cabinets have the added bonus of self-closing hardware and innovative storage options.

* The cabinets have a durable finish with absolutely no VOCs, meaning no toxic compounds are lingering in the air or on the wood itself.

* The countertops are an innovative product known as paperstone, made of cashew nut resins and recycled paper. Quite durable for day-to-day use, paperstone looks like traditional countertops but is much nicer to the environment.

One of the biggest surprises in the eco-friendly kitchen is the electric stove, but homeowner John Beranek explains why he chose electric over gas. "We went for efficiency," he says of the attractive induction cooktop. "It's totally temperature-based. You only heat a pan as hot as you need it."

The finishing touch of eco-friendly appliances makes this old house renovation project a winner. As Matt Grocoff likes to say, "The green revolution begins at home."

Special Thanks to Doug Selby, Meadowlark Builders, and Michael Klement, Principal Architectural Resource

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