Going Green in an Old Home: Restoring a Victorian, Taking it to Net Zero Energy

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Editor's Note: This video series will be published each week over the Month of May, 2010. Please check back for new episodes.

Matt Grocoff, Green Renovation Expert for the Old House Web, shows us projects and design ideas for each part of the house to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our water consumption and preserve our forests. Matt's goal is to restore his Folk Victorian, take it Net Zero energy, while living in it with his family.

Video 1 - Old is the New Green: Old Homes Can Be the Greenest Homes

Matt Grocoff takes us on a house tour of his 110-year-old Folk Victorian in Ann Arbor Michigan. We get an overview of how Matt integrates Green technology with traditional building materials and fixtures within the home.

Video 2 - Windows: Going Green without Replacement Windows

The Old House Web's Green Renovation Expert, Matt Grocoff, discusses alternatives to replacing your old wood windows. Can an old window be as energy efficient as a replacement window?

Video 3 - Bathrooms: Clean and Green Bathroom Remodel

Matt Grocoff discusses how traditional building materials and Green technology combine to create a renovated bathroom with traditional style and modern comfort.

Video 4 - Home Insulation: What's in Your Attic?

The Old House Web's Green Renovation Expert, Matt Grocoff, discusses one of the most impactful and high return Green projects for old homes - insulation. Discover what's in, or not in, your attic.


Matt Grocoff is the Green Renovation Expert for the Old House Web. He is an attorney-turned-producer and founder of Greenovation.tv. He is a regular contributor to The Environment Report syndicated on NPR stations nationwide. He and his wife Kelly are renovating an old Folk-Victorian which will soon produce more energy than it uses.

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