Remodel Green, and Conserve Your Budget Now

Joe Cooper

Solar panels for your roof and an entirely new plumbing system may be a little grandiose. There are plenty of easy ways to remodel green right now. Controlling your costs and protecting the environment can both be tackled at once through these home improvements.


Eco-Friendly Remodeling Can Save Some Green

Protecting your budget during a tough economy is essential. So while you're conserving your cash, why not help the environment too?


Many home owners continuing to take advantage of the slow real-estate market to make home improvements are choosing to go green. Buying energy-efficient appliances, windows, doors, and heating systems is one way. Remodeling your bathrooms with low-flow toilets and water-conserving faucet hardware is another.


For bigger projects, like kitchen renovations and house additions, home owners can use recycled and reclaimed materials to complete projects. These materials come in a variety great colors and textures, so your options abound.


Remodeling Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Not a skilled remodeler? No problem. There are a number of easy home improvements you can make that don't require major skills or a major investment:

  • Temperature control: Installing ceiling fans and replacing heating and air conditioning filters are easy ways to gain energy efficiency in your home
  • Recycled materials: Check with a contractor for locations where you can find reclaimed lumber and recycled stone. These materials often come at a discount, and make excellent remodeling fare
  • Water conservation: Some of the latest kitchen and bathroom faucet hardware is sleek, modern, and down right gorgeous. Much of it comes with water conservation settings, to boot


For more green home improvement tips, check with a contractor or local retailer. Other homeowners have great ideas, too. You might be surprised at how many of your neighbors have already gone green.




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