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Cabinet Refacing: Before and After

By The Old House Web

Before you get started on your cabinet project, take a good, long look at your kitchen cabinets - peeling paint, outdated hardware and all - because you are about to completely change the way your kitchen feels with a cabinet makeover. When you're done, remembering the state of your kitchen before you started will go a long way in making you appreciate the difference of a cabinet refacing before and after. Don't forget to take a picture! You'll have fun comparing later.You'll be amazed at how much of a change you can make on a limited budget. While you may not be entirely replacing your cabinets, you're going to dramatically transform them, and that's going to change the look and feel of your entire kitchen. Here's a simple breakdown of the process of cabinet refacing:

First, remove all the doors and cabinet drawers. Then remove the hardware. Strip off the finish with turpentine or another stripping agent. Then install your newly-purchased cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Face all the walls with the new veneer and apply a finish. Finally, install new hardware. You're done! Sit back with your photo of the old kitchen and admire your cabinet refacing, before and after.

The drastic change you get out of a cabinet refacing is exciting. Not only will you have cabinets that look and feel brand new; a cabinet refacing can bring a whole new look to your kitchen, and your home!

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