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Cabinet Refacing Supplies: Write Up Your List

By The Old House Web

The first step to get ready for your project is to prepare a list of cabinet refacing supplies you need. In addition to your basic materials like finish, veneer, and hardware, you'll need some basic tools for the tasks involved.

Screwing and Hammering

Start witih a hammer and some screwdrivers (make sure you have both flat and Phillips heads at your disposal). You need a cordless drill/driver as well as a brad nailer, and of course you need an assortment of nails and screws to put those tools to use.

Taking Measurements

What handyman would be complete without his tape measure? You should also have a normal ruler, a level (maybe two, for different sizes), a straight edge, and, of course, a pencil.

See the Saws

Have a handsaw, a table/circular saw, and a Miter saw all sharpened and ready to go. Even though it's not really a saw, we're going to go ahead and throw in a utility knife in this section as well; it could really come in handy. Keep plenty of extra blades on hand too, just in case.

Odds and Ends

Cabinet refacing can also require other supplies such as wood glue, clamps, a small pry bar (around 6 inches is ideal), and drop cloths.

Your final tool, and one that is absolutely required,is a well-thought out plan. Even though you've got the cabinet refacing supplies, you still need to know what you're doing. Make sure you plan out your strategy ahead of time and have all of the right tools and supplies. Now that you have everything ready to go, it's time to begin that cabinet refacing project.

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