How House Cleaning Benefits Your Health


Everyone knows that it is certainly healthier to live in a clean environment rather than a dirty one. Your food doesn't run the risk of being contaminated by a dirty kitchen and you don't loose things as easily, not to mention the good feelings you get from having a clean house. Here are a few house cleaning benefits to your health that may be surprising.

House cleaning benefits your health by reducing stress

House-cleaning reduces stress? Most people would say just the opposite; but if you go about it with the right state of mind and a couple of easy techniques, you'll be surprised at how stress-reducing it can be. One simple technique is to use cleaning time as meditation time. Most chores do not require a lot of conscious thought, so your mind has time to wander. If you don't like to work in quiet, another option is to turn on some music and get moving. Music helps to take your mind off the task at hand and may even make you work faster.

Another stress-reducing technique is to move quickly, i.e. running the stairs rather than walking. Quick movement releases endorphins into your bloodstream; endorphins are a natural mood-elevating hormone.

The end product of all this cleaning is a clutter-free, clean home, which in and of itself, relieves stress. It's nice to have a clean kitchen to cook in and to know exactly where something is.

House cleaning benefits your health by reducing the risk of disease

A dirty house breeds disease. One of the biggest culprits of many types of illness is mold, which can grow just about anywhere, especially in showers and kitchen sinks that are full of dirty dishes. Mold can cause many health problems including breathing difficulties, allergies and in the worst cases, even death. A thorough house cleaning benefits your health by eliminating sources of mold.

Another dangerous bacterium, salmonella, is mostly found in spoiled food. When cleaning the refrigerator, it is often safer to through out containers of rotten food rather than to try to clean them as salmonella can be spread by contact.

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