House Cleaning, Making it a Priority


Everyone appreciates a clean home, but with everything there is to do, who has the time? Actually, keeping a clean home need not be as difficult as it seems. The best way to cut your cleaning time in half is to make up a cleaning schedule. What is that, you may ask? Well, it is simply a list of all the chores that need to be done and on what days you will do them. A schedule will also help you stay on task instead of putting off unpleasant chores until they're out of control. Here are some of the chores that need to be included on your list, as well as how often you should do them to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Daily and weekly house cleaning chores

When thinking about the house cleaning chores to put on your schedule, the first ones on the schedule should be the daily chores such as doing dishes. This is one, that if you have children, that can be done by them, at least loading and unloading the dishwasher. Other chores such as wiping down countertops and tables and sweeping should be done at least daily, if not more. Don't forget to add picking up toys to the daily schedule as well, if you have kids. Weekly chores to go on the schedule are mopping floors, dusting, vacuuming and laundry (if you're lucky). Cleaning the toilet and shower are chores that need to be done weekly as well.

Monthly house cleaning chores

Okay... you've got your weekly list together. Now it's time to move on to the monthly house cleaning chores. In order to maintain a clean home, there are jobs that need to be done at least once a month. One of those jobs is dusting corners and baseboards-yuck, but once it's done, you will notice a distinct difference. Dust holds odor, so getting rid of the cobwebs and dust will contribute dramatically to the cleanliness of your home. Other monthly house cleaning chores to add to your schedule are wiping down walls and dusting blinds.

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