House Cleaning Prices


Hiring a cleaning company is a decision many homeowners make for various reasons including lack of time or allergies to cleaning products. House cleaning prices vary from state to state, even city to city. Other factors included when figuring a price are the size of the home, the types of chores required, and how many people will be doing the work. This article will look more in-depth at the way house cleaning prices are figured, and what you will get for your money.

Factors contributing to house cleaning prices

Different house cleaning companies charge differently. Some charge by the hour, some charge by the room, and some charge by the size of the home. Not always, but often, national chains charge a flat, hourly rate. Private cleaning companies or individuals who offer the same services are more likely to charge by the room or even by the square footage of the home. Another factor contributing to house cleaning prices is the type of chores being done. Things like laundry and ironing may be an extra charge. Other jobs such as cleaning stoves and refrigerators, washing walls or windows, and basement cleaning are also services offered by many, but with a higher charge. The nationwide average per hour cost is $30 per person; it is important to ask how many people will be doing the job.

House cleaning prices; what you get for the money

Most national chains offer packages. Chores offered in those packages include sweeping and vacuuming, cleaning and sanitizing sinks and countertops, loading or unloading dishes, and bathroom. House cleaning prices vary so much that is important to ask if the company will send someone out for an estimate. Private companies and individuals will be more likely to be flexible on pricing, so it is important to shop around.

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