Creative Elements of Modern Kitchen Design

By The Old House Web

With contemporary kitchen designs, you can get creative by incorporating functional elements that add a lot to the space. Common examples of clever use include adding surround sound stereo to listen to the radio, a stylish modern bookshelf, a bench integrated into your kitchen island or a modern gas-electric fireplace to make winter meals more enjoyable. When thinking about the grid layout for your kitchen, make sure you properly envision the entire space according to how you'll use it on a daily basis.

One creative trend that has emerged recent years is an integrated circular island and kitchen table which makes the entire serving process much easier. Just imagine how much easier the entire cooking, presentation and serving portion of the meal would be without having to worry about careful plating or excessive walking back and forth. A circular island allows cooks to have complete access to sinks, grills, plating and cleaning in a central location. You can find circular islands featuring the very latest design trends as well including foster, translucent panels and doors with bold lines. With proper lighting you can highlight the presentation of your meals while also contrasting your serving dishes with unique modern materials including metals. A central island is an ideal opportunity to get creative with your use of space.

Lighting is a key design element of modern kitchens, since it provides a way to improve both the presentation and functional use of the space substantially. Just imagine how enjoyable it would be to experience a complete modern kitchen with proper lighting and a well designed grid. Creative options for lighting include opening up modern windows for natural light, skylights, chandeliers, candlelight and fireplaces. Just as important as the actual layout of the kitchen, a modern lighting portfolio can ensure your kitchen provides a welcoming ambiance for guests at meal time.

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