Best Window and Door Choices for Your Home

What is the best window and door to have on your new home? The window and door that you like--your preferred window and door. Some architecture is iconic and the best choice for windows and doors would definitely match and accentuate the architecture. Here are three architectural home styles and the description of the best window and door style for each.

Federalist's Best Window and Door

A federalist, or federal, style house is defined by a second story with five rectangular double-hung windows. The front door is usually square in the middle of the façade with two more of the same windows on either side. Above the panel door is usually a rectangular or fan-shaped window. The door is flanked by sidelights, while the rest of the windows are flanked with shutters.

Best Window and Door for Craftsman

A craftsman panel door--often with a transom above it--has a unique pattern of symmetrical vertical and horizontal shapes creating clean lines. Other craftsman doors are true divided light in a pattern consistent with the craftsman style--a pattern of rectangles and squares. Craftsman uses dark woods like mahogany. Preferred window and door choices for craftsman often match--the doors are glass framed by wood. More intricate styles include beveled and leaded glass designs. Windows often have divided light in the upper sash and solid glass in the lower sash.

Mediterranean Architecture's Preferred Window and Door

Mediterranean-inspired homes most often found in Florida and California are usually multi-level and feature arches, a mix of wood and stucco with adornments of wrought iron. Doors are often arch-shaped, some solid wood and some divided light. Windows often are accented with wrought iron gates along the lower sections.

What is the best window and door for your home? The window and door that best define the character of your home.


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