How to Bring Your Old Doors Back to Life

Replacing the doors throughout your home could be expensive. It could also be unnecessary. You could repair and repaint doors that are beginning to look tired or don't complement your décor.

How to Repaint Wooden Doors

  1. Remove the doorknobs, handles, and plates, then sand down the door to remove old, flaky paint. You don't need to remove all the paint unless it is in extremely poor condition or you want to achieve a real-wood finish.
  2. Fill any cracks or holes with a filler and sand it down when the filler dries.
  3. Wipe the door down to remove dust and debris that could collect in your paintbrush.
  4. Repaint the door using several thin layers of paint to achieve a lasting finish. Or, for a real-wood finish, remove all the old paint then apply a varnish, following the instructions on the tin. Warning: The paint in older houses often contains lead. Use a home testing kit to determine whether there is lead in the paint. If so, use a chemical stripper rather than sandpaper or a heat gun to remove the paint.
  5. Update your doors with new hinges and doorknobs to complement your home décor.

If you have to replace a door, you can still make use of the old one. Create a coffee table or a new headboard, or use it as mounting for pictures on your walls. When you use your imagination, you can incorporate a great deal of recycling into your home makeover, and create some unique pieces in the process.

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