Energy Efficient Kitchen Track Lighting Ideas

By The Old House Web

Implementing new kitchen track lighting can illuminate your dining space while also reducing your utility bills. While shifting from a traditional central light path in your kitchen may require you to invest in new lighting setups, you can save money on your energy bills over time with a low voltage kitchen track lighting setup. Creating an innovative lighting installation with halogen fixtures can allow you to brighten up your kitchen with a lower wattage, and dimming panels can ensure you only use as much energy as you need. Not only can track lighting help to lower your energy usage, but it can also give you flexibility to save money on adjustments to your electrical wiring process.

While some forms of specializing lights require extensive electrical updates, modern kitchen track lighting systems can often be installed with minimal adjustments. While working with an electrician to review the setup is important for both safety and functional purposes, there are often ways to save substantially on your energy bills with track lighting. By wiring the tracks independently with light bulbs you can modify your electrical use based upon your needs. For example, if you setup a track complete with ten bulbs you may be able to dim them so only a few are lit when reading the newspaper in the morning. Then, when you host a dinner party you can turn all the lights on accordingly.

The types of bulbs you utilize in track lighting can also improve the energy efficiency of the setup substantially. With the right bulb selection you can save significantly on the marginal costs of your utility bills. Many systems will run on new energy efficient Led light bulbs which use less energy and have a longer life span.

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