William Kibbel, III


Bill Kibbel is The Home Inspector and review editor for The Old House Web. Bill is an inspector and consultant that specializes in historic buildings. He has inspected more than 10,000 buildings between 100 and 350 years old and has been a consultant to historic sites in several States. Bill is a veteran old-house owner and restorer and has been contributing to OHW since 2001. 

Bill is also vice president of Tri-County Inspection Company which serves Southeastern Pennsylvania and Central NewJersey.  He specializes in pre-19th century residential / commercial buildings and is always on the look out for interesting questions about home inspection.

Bill welcomes questions for future columns.  You may contact him at wkibbel@oldhouseweb.com or through our editorial staff at editorial@oldhouseweb.com

For a full list of Bill's columns visit The Home Inspector in our How-To Advice section.


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