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Historic wooden shingle roofs further

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>>History of wood shingles in America >>Maintenance
>>Historic detailing and replacing roofs >>Taking it further
>>Specifications for the replacement roof  

By Sharon C. Park, AIA

A combination of:

  • careful research to determine the historicappearance of the roof,
  • good specifications
  • installation details designedto match the historic roof,
  • and long-term maintenance, will make it possible tohave not only a historically authentic roof, but a cost-effective one.

It isimportant that professionals be part of the team from the beginning. Apreservation architect should specify materials and construction techniques thatwill best preserve the roof's historic appearance. The shingle supplier mustensure that the best product is delivered and must stand behind the guarantee ifthe shipment is not correct. The roofer must be knowledgeable about traditionalcraft practices. Once the new shingle roof is in place, it must be properlymaintained to give years of service.

Taking it further

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-- NPS Preservation Brief 19

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