Home inspection: Checklist #5

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Editor's note: This information is adaptedfrom the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's ResidentialRehabilitation Inspection Guide, 2000. Clickhere for other stories and checklists in this series.

Inspection checklist

5- Electrical system

Service entry repair replace
Capacity from street amps volts
Overhead wire cleanance
Electric meter adequate?
Service entrance conductor adequate?
Main panelboard repair replace
Main circuit breaker amps volts
Grounded to:
15 amp fuses/circuit breakers #
20 amp fuses/circuit breakers #
25 amp fuses/circuit breakers #
30 amp fuses/circuit breakers #
40 amp fuses/circuit breakers #
Overcurrent protection adequate?
Branch circuits repair replace
circuit no. wire gage wire capacity area served
Circuits grounded to panel box?
Wire insulation in good condition?
Aluminum wire used?

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