Home inspection: Checklist #6

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Editor's note: This information is adaptedfrom the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's ResidentialRehabilitation Inspection Guide, 2000. Clickhere for other stories and checklists in this series.

Inspection checklist

6- Plumbing

Water service entry replace retain
Curb valve location
Line size Material
Shutoff valve operable?
Water meter location
Interior water distribution lines
replace retain
Pipe size Pipe material Fixtures served
Thermal protection adequate
DWV piping replace retain
Pipe size Pipe material Fixtures served
Vents, drains and traps operable?
Hot water heater replace retain
Type Age
Storage capacity Gal.
Recovery rate
Plumbing components adequate?
Fuel burning components adequate?
Controls adequate?
Water well
Depth of casing
Pump type Age
Capacity GPM Depth
Pressure tank adequate?
Septic system
Tank capacity (gal.)
Age of system
Size of drain field
Grease trap clean?
Gas supply in seismic regions
Service entrance has adequate clearance/flexible connection?
Has automatic emergency shutoff valve?

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