Home inspection: Checklist #4

Editor's note: This information is adaptedfrom the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's ResidentialRehabilitation Inspection Guide, 2000. Clickhere for other stories and checklists in this series.

Inspection checklist

4- Structural system

Seismic resistance  
Requires structural inspection?  
Wind resistance  
Requires structural inspection?  
Masonry, general  
Load bearing walls are:  
Masonry foundations and piers  
Foundation wall material  
Wall thickness  
Pier material  
Pier size(s)  
Pier spacing  
Depth of footings  
Structural problems?  
Above-ground masonry walls  
Wall material(s)  
Wall thickness  
Support over openings  
Thermal moisture cracking?  
Freeze/thaw, corrosion cracking?  
Wall bulging?  
Wall leaning?  
Brick veneer problems?  
Parapet wall problems?  
Fire damage problems?  
Chimney materials  
Depth of footings  
Structural problems?  
Wood structural components  
Framing type
(balloon, platform, timber frame)
Floor members size spacing  
Floor substrate material  
Wall members size spacing  
Wall substrate material  
Ceiling members size spacing  
Roof members size spacing  
Roof substrate material  
Deflection/warping problems?  
Signs of fungal/insect attack?  
Fire damage problems?  
Iron and steel structural components  
Lintels, columns and beams  
size location  
size location  
size location  
Lintel problems?  
Column/beam problems?  
Fire damage problems?  
No. 120 volt outlets 240 volt  
Concrete structural components  
Slabs, lintels, walls  
size location  
size location  
size location  
Foundation/cracking problems?  
Interior slab-on-grade problems?  
Exterior concrete problems?  
Fire damage problems?  

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