Full vs. Partial Kitchen Installations


A new kitchen is a huge undertaking in an existing structure. Of course, in a new home being specifically built for someone, kitchens can be included in the price of the home, and can be built to fit the available space exactly. Kitchen installations in existing homes are more difficult, because in involves not only installing the new kitchen, but tearing out the old one. Sometimes it is difficult to know, though, what your particular kitchen needs. Of course, if things are broken (appliances, cabinets), or there are structural problems, a full kitchen replacement is in order. But if it is just new appliances, new counters or new cabinets that you need, it may be more economical just to replace those few things. Here are some ways to tell whether you need a completely new kitchen or if you could get away with something less.

Full kitchen installations-how to know when you need one

Besides the obvious, like cabinets that have holes in the shelves or doors, broken countertops, chipped sinks or torn up floors, there are some other ways to tell if a total kitchen replacement is necessary. Another reason for a total remodel is to increase functionality and energy efficiency, though unless funds are unlimited, if this is the only reason, you might consider other options. Kitchen installations are very expensive and if you just want to change one or two things, there might be other options.

What you should know about partial kitchen installations

So you've decided that a total kitchen remodel is not what you need. The first thing to do is decide what absolutely needs to go and what you can live with. It's interesting to find out what you can actually live with when funds are limited. You may find that new cabinets aren't really necessary and that a new coat of paint or stain may be all that takes to change the look. One other thing you ought to know about partial kitchen installations is that they could conceivably cost more than a total installation. The reason is that it may be more difficult to work around your existing kitchen than to install an entirely new one. Be sure to carefully evaluate these options before beginning your search for kitchen installers.

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