Kitchen Lighting Styles


When considering kitchen lighting for your home, there are endless possibilities; every shape, size and color imaginable. Light fixtures are available to coordinate with all of the most common interior design styles. Here are some of the key features of two of the most popular.

Traditional kitchen lighting

The traditional decorating style includes things like heavy, dark wood cabinets with intricate millwork and crown moldings. An island in a traditional kitchen would most likely be a heavy piece of furniture, with a carved pedestal or legs. Traditional kitchen lighting fixtures can include things like chandeliers, stained glass pendant lights or frosted hanging schoolhouse lights. Though chandeliers usually work best in dining rooms, they can be used successfully in a kitchen, but on a little smaller scale. They are good because they provide a soft light over a large area. A traditional style pendant fixture is likely to be stained or frosted glass or brass and wood and is often placed over an island or a table. They provide light that is brighter and more directed than chandeliers. Schoolhouse lights also hang from the ceiling, but are a round shape and the globe is usually frosted glass. However, as these lights are experiencing a resurgence, color is being used more and more.

Contemporary kitchen lighting

Contemporary styled kitchens can be recognized by the sleek lines, unadorned cabinets, and the use of stainless steel. Often painted white, with contrasting primary colored accents, contemporary is an excellent style choice for small kitchens. The sharp lines and modern appearance of this style work well in a small space. Contemporary kitchen lighting fixtures are similar to traditional (pendant, chandelier and schoolhouse) in form, but use "modern" materials such as glass or stainless steel. And as nice as some of the traditional lights look, many contemporary light fixtures are more like art, using glass and other materials in different and unique ways.

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