Need to hang a picture on plaster walls?

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Studs are around 3/4 inch behind plaster walls. Some electronic stud finders work, but many don't.

Pretty much the most accurate way to find the stud behind plaster is to drill about a one-inch hole close to where you want to hang a picture. Feel around inside the wall with a coat hanger until you feel a stud. As an extra precaution,you can drill another hole where you found the stud so you can actually see the stud through the plaster. After you've found the stud you can fill the holes with spackle. Works fine. If you have wallpaper, you'll have to repair the wallpaper, I guess.

I had to do the hole/coat hanger technique when I hung my kitchen cabinets. My cabinets haven't fallen yet. -- Allen on the OHW Bulletin Boards

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