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In this multimedia series, we'll walk you through 8 common hazards in old houses. We'll describe the hazard, explain some of the risks, and suggest simple remediation steps.

Article 1- Dealing With Radon in an Old House

Old houses may be particularly susceptible to high concentrations of radon gas, a leading cause of lung cancer and other health problems.

Article 2- Get Help with Cracked Foundations

If a routine examination of your home reveals cracks in your foundation, you should call in an expert for inspection and necessary repair. Learn about the range of repair options available.

Article 3- Get the Lead Out! Dealing With Hazardous Lead Pipes

Your older home may contain lead water pipes. Before you replace them, learn your options.

Article 4- Keeping Your Home Safe From Lead-Based Paints

Lead-based paint is dangerous to your health. Here are tips on how to identify lead-based paint and deal with lead exposure.

Article 5- Tips for Problems with Wells, Septic Tanks and Cesspools

Dangers associated with faulty wells, septic tanks and cesspools range from unpleasant smells to poorly functioning plumbing, contaminated runoff into groundwater or drinking water and sinkholes. Old wells, septic tanks and cesspools on private property are not only dangerous, they can be lethal.

Article 6- Rewiring That Old House for Grounded Outlets

To protect yourself from electrical shock, consider upgrading your older home to grounded outlets.

Article 7- How to Locate, Inspect, Test and Repair your Home Heating Oil Tank

If you own a vintage home, chances are it has or had a home heating oil tank, either above or underground. No matter how diligent you are, eventually old oil tanks may begin to deteriorate. Learn to provide proper care so your oil tank functions properly.

Article 8- Asbestos: The Hidden Danger in Historic Homes

Beneath the charm of that beautiful old home, dangers can be lurking. You might already know about the lead in older paint, and maybe you've already checked for unsafe radon levels. But have you considered the asbestos that could be hiding in your walls?

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