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National Preservation Month 2010

May is National Preservation Month and the Old House Web is honoring this year's theme,  "Old is the New Green," by addressing the challenges of historical preservation and Greening.   As always, we'll attempt to present a varied offering on historic preservation, livability, affordability and environmental impact.

Special Features on Historic Preservation and Green:

  • Matt Grocoff, Old House Web Green Renovation Expert. We're launching a new Green Renovation Blog and videos featuring Matt Grocoff:
    • Video Series: Going Green in an Old Home. Matt is in the process of restoring a 110 yr. old Folk-Victorian house in Ann Arbor, MI. Along the way, Matt will show how he can create a Net Zero home while preserving its historical features - proving that, "Old is the New Green."
    • Video Series: Small House, Small Carbon Footprint. Matt visits a friend's house that exemplifies Small House Design. Small Houses are growing in popularity because of their sustainability. And, most small houses are old houses!
  • Old House Restoration Guide. Over the month we'll publish a nine-chapter guide reviewing hundreds of construction techniques, materials, and maintenance issues specific to old homes. This is a valuable resource for homeowners and professionals alike.
  • Articles on preservation, restoration and architectural salvage from Old House Web experts and bloggers like: Bill Kibbel, Scott Gibson, Woodrow Ames, Elaine Vittone, Conrad Neuf and others.
    • Historic Preservation Victory: Brooklyn Brownstone. The stunning victory for preservationists when three Brooklyn, NY Brownstones were spared condemnation stemming from a contractor's mistake.
    • Buying in a Historic District: Still a Good Value. We take a look at why Historic Homes fare better in real estate downturns.
    • 6 Common Home Renovations That Can Ruin the Historic Value of Your Home. Planning a home improvement project? Avoid some of remodeling mistakes that can decrease your home's value.
    • Green Remodeling on a Budget. Want to Go Green, but you're watching your wallet? The best way to Go Green is to start with inexpensive projects and work your way up.
    • Foreclosures at Historic Highs, but Historic Homes Not Feeling the Pressure. [Pending] Jim Mallery researches the effect of foreclosures on historic neighborhoods and on the financial reasons why many historic homes avoid foreclosure.
    • Tough Economy Drives Restoration Spending and Residential Construction Trends. [Pending] How has the housing market and economy affected home remodeling and restoration projects? Find out the latest trends.

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