Original Small Kitchen Designs for Urban Apartments

By The Old House Web

In the bustle of a modern city, young professionals often find themselves working hard to get more out of their small kitchen designs. With only limited space you can implement a clever, creative layout for your kitchen that will meet your entire culinary, social and design needs. Many people don't have the luxury of expansive kitchen space given the constraints in their layout, including many studio apartment owners. While square footage may be lacking, you can still get creative with small kitchen designs that will help you get more use out of less.

When it comes to small kitchen designs today, home owners can utilize a variety of space conscious appliances and furniture. While you may not have enough space to provide room for a full freezer and refrigerator, you can opt for a modern all-in-one set. Some of the latest appliance designs allow you to store and keep food in a highly efficient manner. Rather than opting for a traditional layout where you cook in one part of the area and serve in another, you can get creative by getting better use out of the various compartments in your kitchen.

One modern creative trend in Europe is to utilize a kitchen island to provide storage, serving and cooking all in a single area. With this design you are able to make more efficient use out of your storage space so you can fully serve a meal to friends within your small, urban apartment. Custom islands can help your small kitchen designs to get even more use out of the space. Working independently you can decorate, design and layout your kitchen according to your preferences.

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