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Preparing the house

The downstairs hallway is prepared for demolition

Just how messy can it get? This picture was taken during the height of the plaster removal.

Before the house could be replastered, old plaster had to be removed.

Anyone who has done this job knows that its dusty, miserable work. Here trash cans arelined up in the hallway waiting to receive debris.

The Dodds are no strangers to restoration. A decade ago they restored theBordley-Randall House, circa 1715, as another Designer Show House for the Anne ArundelMedical Center Auxiliary.

Pleasant Plains proved to be more of a challenge than the Bordley-Randall house,however. The Bordley-Randall House had been upgraded, repaired and improved over theyears; the farm house, built in the 1830s, had not.

The Dodds are fortunate to have master craftsmen working on their restoration project.

Will and Bruce MacFarlane have reconstructed the interior of the house, correcting thebends and slopes. Though master plasterers themselves, they brought in Wally Lerner, ownerof Wallace Plastering and one of the best in this trade, to plaster the house.

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