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Removing Asphalt Tile Adhesive

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If asphalt tile has been installed over a wood floor, and is removed in order to finish the wood floor naturally, the black adhesive from the tile is difficult to remove.

To remove it:

1. Get a gallon of solvent with no oil in it at the hardware;

2. Check label and if flammable then be very sure no flame or spark in the room or in any adjoining rooms as fumes can travel;

3. Do only when windows can be open for ventilation;

4. Apply solvent to adhesive and let stand until adhesive softens;

5. Scrape off as much adhesive as possible;

6. Repeat process;

7. After almost all is removed, sand floor to remove last residue.

This is hard, time consuming work, and dangerous unless all cautions in using solvent are followed carefully.

Check with a flooring center store to see if they have any newer products that are easier to use to remove the adhesive.

This article was written by Anne Field, Michigan State University Extension Specialist, Emeritus with references from the MSU Maintenance and Floor Center.

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