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Removing old glazing

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windowProblem: Iam restoring an old home and want to keep the old windows and glass. I need to know the most effective wayto remove the old glazing. I have usedheat, I've tried chipping and have tried different chemical strippers to softenup the glazing, but this process is taking too long. I am looking for a quickremedy -- I do not want to freeze this winter! All of the 32 windows are out andin the workshop. Please advise!

Solution: I have done many windows using a heat gun. Make sure you fabricate a smallshield to deflect the heat from the glass. Though it's time consuming, the oldputty softens well so there is no damage to the wood when removing it. Get acouple of friends to help, and set up a production line as the weather ischanging quickly. Also once the old glazing is out, paint on a mixture (50-50) ofturpentine and boiled linseed oil. This will soak into the wood very well andprevent the oil in the new putty from drying out. Best of luck. -- Howard Sands,on the OHW BulletinBoards

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