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Some Tips and Tricks for Cabinet Refacers

By The Old House Web

Getting ready for your remodel? Here are some tips and tricks for cabinet refacers:

  • Buy materials yourself: Even if you are contracting out the work, you can often buy the materials on your own to save money. At a minimum, doing some shopping leaves you in a better position to know what the going rate is so you can compare it to the quotes you're given.
  • Pull the cabinets off the wall: Sanding, applying veneer, and finishing all can be a bit more of a headache if the cabinets are still attached to the wall. Consider pulling them away to speed up your time and make it easier on yourself.
  • Use the right solvents: Before you start stripping the old finish, make sure you know what type of finish it is, because different solvents work with different finishes. Also, a semi-paste or gel solvent can be used to minimize messy drips.
  • Pick the right veneer: Consider the thickness of the veneer for different projects. One and two-ply wood veneer flexes better, so if you've got curves or other awkward shapes, this should be easier to work with. However, if you've got all straight surfaces and want to attach material that will hold up against a lot of wear and tear, go with a thicker three or four ply.
  • Re-use hardware: You may not have to replace your hardware. Sometimes all it needs is some cleaning and polishing. Soak all your hardware in hot water mixed with a normal dish detergent for about an hour and a half. After it dries, clean it again with the appropriate polish.
  • Buy pre-finished doors: Pre-finished cabinet doors can allow you to cut some time off the project and make sure that the most evident feature comes out looking professional.

These are just a few tricks for do-it-yourself cabinet refacers. Even just a small handful of insider tips can make the job exponentially easier.

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