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Problem: I feel like I'll be working forever stripping oldwallpaper. Isn't there a quicker way?

Solution: A quick and cheap method of removing wallpaper is to turnoff the power to the room's outlets and light switches at the breaker panel orfuse box. Then cover the outlets and switches to keep out moisture. Score thesurface of your wallpaper (you can get a gadget called a "Paper Tiger"for this). Get a paint tray and fill it with warm water.

Take a fuzzy paint roller (with a plastic, not cardboard core), dip itin the water, and roll it on the walls, just as though you were painting. Wet awhole wall: By that time the section where you started should be ready forremoval. I scrape it off with a putty knife.

It is messy, but much faster than anything else I've tried. -- Anneon the OHW BulletinBoards.

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