Vinyl Siding Might Be Your Top Choice Even on an Old House

Greg Keefer

These days you have plenty of choices when it comes to new siding materials for your old house. Cement fiber, aluminum, brick, cedar, and classical wood siding styles all have their own appeal, especially when your siding just needs a bit of repair or touch up. When your siding is beyond repair and you're looking for practicality and affordability, vinyl siding is an option.

Vinyl: New Siding Materials are Easy to Install

Vinyl siding is readily available in several gauges that can complement a variety of architectural styles. To protect your home, use a .055 inch or similar grade for best results.

DIY homeowners and building contractors both appreciate vinal siding's ease of installation over the difficulties associated with wood slab siding, clapboard and other materials.

Vinyl Siding Characteristics and Controversy

Vinyl is controversial because it's a step away from original siding. Some old house enthusiasts feel its appearance is inauthentic and question its performance and durability. The up side of new siding materials is that they can be virtually maintenance free, last for many years and can be installed by capable do-it-yourselfers (DIYers). When you can't afford to replace the original siding, vinyl may be the solution.

Vinyl siding can mimic other types of siding styles. It offers excellent protection and professionals can usually install it over other siding materials.

Overcoming Vinyl Siding Pitfalls

To minimize concerns related to using vinyl siding on old architectural styles, be sure installation is executed flawlessly. It helps to have experience installing new siding materials because measuring and leveling is where most DIYers run into trouble. Cutting too short means scrapping a piece now and then but vinyl siding is inexpensive and forgiving when it comes to the financial end of the project. A few mistakes won't break the bank.

The second mishap in hanging vinyl siding is failing to level it properly. Installing the first piece perfectly level is the key.

Vinyl siding can be an affordable option when other sidings are not. The right vinyl can complement your home and even improve its appearance.

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