Weighing the Cost for Window Replacement

Patricia Cecil-Reed

Whether it's energy efficiency or architectural elegance you're most concerned about, there is sure to be a window replacement designed to meet your needs. Here are three things that may offset the cost for window replacement.

Energy Efficiency

Old, drafty windows can cause more than just a chill in your home; they can add a considerable spike to your monthly utility bills. As homeowners become more concerned with energy costs, many are opting to replace old windows with newer, more energy efficient models. While the cost for window replacement is always a concern for homeowners, this is one instance where the upgrade really can pay off over time.

Weathering the Storm

If you live in an area of the country that is hard hit by extreme weather, storm windows may be a smart investment for your home. Research has shown that windows and doors that fail during a high-wind event can be a leading cause of total building failure.

Fortunately, today's storm windows have been designed to withstand the roughest storms. New impact-resistant windows offer homeowners an attractive option to traditional shuttered windows, and the cost for window replacement is similar to that of a high-quality window swap.

Customized Design

There is almost no end to the array of custom windows available to homeowners. You can select from designer colors, an assortment of finishes, and the material of your choice. You can also choose from an array of new products like stay-clean glass windows and frosted privacy glass.

With all of the advanced options available today, there's no reason you can't have it all: beautiful windows that meet your needs and keep with the architectural integrity of your home.


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