Budgeting for Vinyl Replacement Windows

Shannon Lee

Vinyl windows can add a touch of beauty to any home. Besides their crisp, neat look, vinyl windows are very easy to care for, requiring only a cursory cleaning from time to time. Since vinyl resists cracking, peeling, and rot and never requires painting, there is good reason why vinyl windows often come with warranties that ensure their excellent performance for decades to come.

All those advantages have to come with a hefty price tag, right? You might be surprised to find that vinyl replacement windows prices are surprisingly reasonable.

What to Expect from Vinyl Replacement Windows Prices

Make no mistake: Replacing the windows in your home can be a large project. Depending on the size of your window space and the kind of window you choose, even one replacement window for your home can be rather pricey. But when you consider the benefits those new windows bring over time, the cost seems worth it.

There was a time when vinyl windows were considered rather expensive. But as vinyl has grown in popularity and many new designs and styles have been offered to the public, the cost of high-quality vinyl windows has dropped.

Today, vinyl window prices can range from around $200, including installation, to over $1000 per window, depending upon the size and any customization required. However, the energy-efficiency of vinyl windows can mean savings of up to $1500, or 30 percent of the cost of the windows, as a tax credit on your federal income tax return.

The lower energy bill that results from a more energy-efficient window keeps the savings going long after the initial window purchase. There may be minor sticker shock at first, but vinyl windows earn their keep for decades to come.

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